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Green Line is a new “category” of closures called PlantCorc™, derived from sustainable, renewable sugarcane-based raw materials.

Introducing our New portfolio of Plant-Based closures

Why Nomacorc Green Line?

Driven by a steadfast commitment to innovation, sustainability and continuous improvement, Nomacorc Green Line offers dramatic improvements in wine closure Performance, Design, and Sustainability


The Nomacorc Green Line closures provide consistent control of oxygen ingress and are 100% TCA-taint and migration-free.

Low carbon footprint

Using plant-based materials to absorb CO₂, Green Line is the world's first zero and low carbon footprint closure portfolio.



The Nomacorc Green Line is made from sugarcane-based biopolymers, a 100% renewable raw material source.

The Green Line introduces new features which enhance the look and feel of the Nomacorc closure.


Since its inception, Nomacorc has produced and sold more than 20 billion wine closures worldwide.


Nomacorc has 4 plants, 100 distributors and agents and serves over 5,000 wineries in 40 countries.


Nomacorc is one of the leading producers of wine corks in the world, and protects nearly 13% of the wine market.


The new Nomacorc Green Line

Closer to Nature

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